Thursday, 10 May 2012

Singapore, 25 April 2012

We love our Mothers very much, for their unconditional love and sacrifices they have made for us throughout. At JuChunYuan, we know this is the day that you will shower your mother with love and attention.

The culinary team helmed by Master Chef Li Yan, the 6th generation original JuChunYuan Chef, have come up with a special Mother's Day menu available on 12 to 13 May, for 6 to 8 persons at $388+ featuring the traditional dish, Fuzhou Red Wine Chicken 红 糟 滑 鸡 柳, a favourite JuChunYuan "Pa Shao" Stewed Pork Belly 扒 烧 肉 to Drunken Live Prawns with Hua Tiao Wine & Ginseng 花 旗 参 醉 生. 

For larger families, consider the Mother's Day Set Menu for 8 to 10 persons at $588+ with Stir-Fried Pacific Lobster with Broccoli in Fresh Tomato Sauce 茄 汁 龙 虾, Steamed Live Soon Hock Fuzhou Style 清 蒸 笋 壳, and complete the meal with the all time dessert delight - Fuzhou Yam Pudding 香 麻 芋 泥! The highlight for the two set menus is that you can choose to have the Original 1876 Buddha Jumps Over the Wall 正 宗 精 装 佛 跳 墙 at $58+ per portion (Usual $88+). Savour the Original taste of what is known as the Culinary National Treasure of China here in JuChunYuan Singapore. 

There is no Service Charge at JuChunYuan, so enjoy the culinary experience, and we hope you like our service this Mother's Day celebration!


130 Amoy Street
Far East Square, #01-01
Singapore 049959
Tel: 6536 2655

Opening Hours

Lunch: 11.30am - 2.30pm
Dinner: 6.00pm - 10.30pm

About JuChunYuan

Wholly adapted from the original JuChunYuan restaurant in China, JuChunYuan Singapore serves Regional Cuisine from provinces in China with emphasis on Fuzhou dishes. Fuzhou dishes are noted for their well-chosen ingredients, beautiful colour, fresh seasoning and strict operation during cooking. Master Chef Li Yan, the 6th generation original JuChunYuan Chef, currently helms the kitchen and is well known for his signature dishes "Pa Shao" Stewed Pork Belly, Braised Monkey Head Mushroom and wokfried Pork Collar with Fresh Mushroom. JuChunYuan also serves the world-renowned "Buddha Jumps Over The Wall", with its authentic recipe created by Chef Chen Zhun Fa of the original JuChunYuan in 1876.


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