Sunday, 8 April 2012

A Sunday dinner out and we landed at this place that is neatly tucked inside Paya Lebar Kovan Community Club. I felt the place was a tad too small but it sure did a great job of catering to the group of us, almost sixteen in number.

Hence looking at the specials that is not on the menu...

Spoilt for choice.. so I decided to order a main and topped it up to complete it with a set.

So the drinks were served first. That mine... Haa.. Its Cookies & Cream Shake topped with whipped cream. Well, I must say that for the price I paid for this drink, I felt it was a little disappointing. First, it looked kinda 'solid' so I was expecting sort of like a milkshake textured drink. Well, it wasn't. In fact, it was very watery. Furthermore, I would have preferred if they were not so generous on the sugar syrup. Hmm... my take on this. Poor. Try it at your own risk.

So next up comes the soup. Simple and ordinary tasting mushroom soup though it was very much better than the drink.

Hmm.. lovely. Golden crispy wedges deep fried to perfection. Yums, just ask them for a serving of mayonnaise as a dip to go along with this. Good if you are having a craving for extra carbs...

The main course finally arrived. Black pepper chicken served with side salad and a serving of spaghetti. I thought that the black pepper sauce that topped the chicken was not bad. It is much better than those black pepper sauce which has an overpowering black pepper taste. The spaghetti was ok, normal but don't expect a well done al-dente spaghetti.

Some more food that we ordered...

Ham Spaghetti
Fish & Chips
Some dessert before we call it a day and head home... First up, the waffle with ice cream.

It was not bad just that the portion is a little small. Generous serving of ice cream atop the little crispy waffle.

All time favourites. A scoop of chocolate ice cream. I felt that the overall dining experience was alright. The bill came up to an average of $12 per person so I thought it was reasonably cheap. The food was acceptable given the price but the service could be improved.

From my observation during dinner, the place should be manned by a young Filipino couple. The man does the cooking in the kitchen while the lady serves. The service was slow and inattentive. there were no serviettes on the table and we had to ask for it, the fish n chips was served without the lemon, etc.

No doubt, you may try this place if you are on a budget or if you stay around the area and are interested to check out this place.

White Tangerine Cafe
Blk 207 Hougang Street 21
Paya Lebar Kovan CC
Singapore 530207
Tel: 6284 6817


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