Sunday, 1 April 2012

Here I am on a weekday after work, thinking of a place to chill out whilst satisfying my sweet tooth after dinner. After a long thought, it was either a Hong Kong dessert place or this. So I decided that since it has been a while since I last step into Fruit Paradise, we should just settle for it.

So here we are outside the cafe...

And what greets us at the door while waiting for the service staff to lead us in...

Yupz.. so after a little while, we were led into the cafe and since it was not very crowded at about 8pm, the service staff settled us in a cozy comfortable corner and handed us the menu. Oh well, I am a huge fan of dessert. Well, not only desserts but anything sweet actually. From chocolates to pastry stuff to well traditional Chinese desserts. My point here is this, I was definitely spoilt for choice. I mean if it was like $2 per slice, I would have like ordered a slice of everything off the menu.

After taking a while to decide, we decided to order the tart set. Just in case if you haven't visited this place before, the tart set consists of 1 tart + 1 tea blend. The cost? $9.80++. We ordered a tart that had nuts and I suppose contains caramel and a mango tart.

Well, the tea came first, served in a small tea pot. I do not have issues with tea pots but I definitely do with white ones. I am not being anal here but my personal opinion is that there's usually only 2 ways to maintain a tea pot. First, the tea pot with little old tea stains in certain 'difficult to wash' areas. Second, a nice and clean looking white tea pot. Well, if it is the latter, I seriously wonder how often they actually soak it in bleach to remove the stains to maintain it in such perfect condition. Anyway, I try to distract the thought as I started to take in the familiar fragrant of the Earl Grey tea.

So my tart came first. Look at the nuts at the edge of the tart. Nice brown caramelized nuts which seems to me like hazelnuts.

The base of the tart is made of somewhat like a custard textured cake with loads of cream cemented between layers of cake and topped with more cream, fresh fruits and nuts. Perfect. My take is YOU MUST TRY THIS!

Next came the all time favourite. Mango Tart is served. The base of the tart is actually made of cream cheese i suppose, with loads of cream in the middle together with chunky sweet pieces of mango fruit and topped with even more layers of mango slices. The mango was not sour as expected but the overall tast of the tart was good. The sugar level was well balanced. Mango Lovers will definitely love this.

Alright, perhaps we may have been a little too anxious to finish our tart but I feel that the slice was a tad too small. So here we are, sipping our tea. I was looking around at the interior decor of the place and thought that the decor was quite unique.

Yup, fruit display lined the walls which probably separates the dining hall and the back end kitchen. I thought that it was really innovative. Relevant yet cost saving. As we finished our tea and thought it was a perfect time to head home since it was already half past nine, we settled the bill and on my way out, something caught my eye..

It was sitting there in the display case. So yeah, I smiled lightly and remembered telling my friend that I will come back for it again.


Fruit Paradise @ Vivocity
1 Harbour Front Walk #01-59   Tel: 6376 9978

Fruit Paradise Cafe @ Raffles City
252 North Bridge Road #B1-44F Raffles City Shopping Centre   Tel: 6333 4849

Fruit Paradise @ Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road #05-51/52 Orchard Central   Tel: 6509 9920

Tokyo Walker Fruit Paradise Dining @ Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Road #04-01 Plaza Singapura   Tel: 6333 9286


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