Saturday, 24 March 2012

This week we will be talking about a bistro called Aglio Olio. I suppose as the name suggests, you might have guessed right that their signature pasta dish is none other than Aglio Olio.

Aglio Olio is actually in Italian, meaning garlic and olive respectively. The pasta that is often used in making a good Aglio Olio is either spaghetti, vermicelli or angel hair. These are generally really thin strands of noodles. My favorite among the three is angel hair. In our local context, these noodles can be said to be that of 'laksa noodle, bee hoon and mee sua' respectively.

So here I am, walking in for dinner at about 7.15pm on a weekday. The dining area is somewhat small but I must say that the ambience is one that is very relaxing and cozy. I am greeted by a friendly service staff who leads us to our table and hands us the menu.

What I always appreciate at a dinner place is set menu. So here, there are two different dinner sets. One is a normal set for 2 persons  @ $33.90++ and the other is a wine dinner set going for $39.90++. For me, I do like their lemonade so I chose the former set. The normal dinner set for 2 includes:
            • 2 Soups
            • 1 basket of garlic bread
            • 1 basket of chicken wings
            • 1 pasta
            • 1 pasta / pizza
            • 2 drinks

What I really like their lemonade is that it is not too sour nor is it too sweet. Its just really cold and refreshing especially after spending a long tiresome day in the office. I suppose it is less sharp in taste as compared to Auntie Anne's where I feel it is not that cold, sharper in taste and a tad too sweet for my liking. In fact, I ordered a second one soon after this arrived at my table.

Here comes the soup of the day. Hmm... well the soup of the day is clam chowder. I guess it is the typical kind of soup that you get everywhere. Nothing fab about it. I would actually say that the clam chowder that is sold at Mos Burger. The soup is served with...

Yup. Nicely toasted garlic herb bread which carries with it a tinge of garlic butter taste. Oh well, the clam chowder soup did taste much better with this. 

This is a killer. Really. This place serves seriously good  chicken wings. I would say it is a MUST TRY! The wings that are served here are really crispy and tasty. I suppose the wings are well marinated over quite a bit of time. the tender meat under the skin is also tasty, unlike some places where only the skin is crispy cos it is heavily dusted with tonnes of powder but the meat inside is tasteless. the wings here are good in and out though the health conscious ones might think it is a little too oily. Oh.. come on.. 

Hmm.. Awesome. This is not part of the dinner set but I was having a craving for something loaded with cheese and I thought.. "Hey, we might as well get it too!". The fries is nicely fried. Thick strips of crinkle-cut fries deep fried to perfection, served crispy with a generous serving of cheese and mayo. You seriously won't regret it. 

Here comes the star of the night. I chose the Bacon Aglio Olio as I wanted to have something tasty yet simple. This is classic. Here, when you place your order for an Aglio Olio, you get to choose the level of spiciness. It determines how much chilli padi is thrown into the pasta. Please do not be over adventurous with the level of spiciness if you are an average chili-tolerant person. Al dente pasta tossed in olive oil with a  mild garlic flavor and bursting fiery taste of the the little ones, a.k.a chilli padi. Nice.

You can choose to have your Aglio Olio plain, or with other ingredients such as ham, bacon, seafood, etc.

It was indeed a good dinner I had and I would definitely revisit them again. Check them out too!

Aglio Olio - Singapore's Version of Pasta
3 Pickering Street #01-40/41
China Square Central
Singapore 048660
Tel: 6327 3622

Aglio Olio Bistro
8 Shenton Way #B1-14
Singapore 068811
Tel: 6226 1622


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