Wednesday, 3 October 2012

I chanced upon this place when I met some friends up for dinner. The place was quiet with just two other groups around though the decor was nothing lavish but somewhat comfortable. So it is ideal for catching up with friends over a meal and some good old fun.

I will be only talking about the food here as I have not got their permission to post or republish any of their pics.

Apparently, we had bought a $15 voucher that includes a set meal and 3 hours of fun playing games. So we started off checking out the menu as it was after working hours and we were famished. It was a little confusing trying to figure out the menu but somehow, we succeeded.

I am a big fan of starters. I think its important to have something nice to nibble on while starting the engine to your appetite. Its kinda like foreplay you know.. not just doing the deed. Ok, back to food. We ordered 2 portions of Cheesy Chicken Balls and a portion of Potato Wedges. The portions are cheap at an estimate of $3.90 per serving. There are 8 chicken balls in a serving and it is the same as what Suki-Ya used to have. Good quality chicken balls with cheese in the centre that quirts out when you are eating it for the first time and scalding yourself and others. I feel that it is unfortunate that the same which Suki-Ya is currently serving are a little substandard. Anyway, these were really good and the lads enjoyed themselves so much with this starter. Delicious Cheesy Chicken Balls with Crispy Potato Wedges.

We ordered a huge Caesar Salad for sharing. Normal stuff that most of us have eaten before. I was impressed with the huge portion which could be part of a main meal. I was just thinking that traditional Caesar Salad doesnt actually have cherry tomatoes in them. So perhaps this is just simply Chicken Salad instead of Caesar Salad.

This is Seafood Laksa Pasta. Typical pasta serving which I felt could be a little more generous. The taste is seriously good. I was quite skeptical at the beginning till I had a mouthful of the pasta. Immediately, I changed my opinion about these kinda East Meets West concept of cuisine. This is really good and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it.

The final dish to be served is the Jamaican Chicken. Nothing too fanciful to this. Moderate serving and the sauce was somewhat a little too sweet for my liking. It is kinda like a crossbreed of Barbecue sauce and Teriyaki sauce. Oh well, it was ok though so you can try this if you want.

The dinner followed with 2 hours of good ole fun. Reliving our childhood while unwinding the day's stress. At least Ive learnt some new games such as Jenga and Ugly. Lol.

Verdict: Good for group gatherings without burning a hole in your pocket.
Pricing: 8/10
Taste: 7/10
Food Appearance: 7.5/10


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